Dept. of Health Research Govt. of India
World Health Organization
Name of the Project Evaluation of Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and New born care (CEmONC) centres of Tamil Nadu, India, 2006-07to 2009-10
Principal Investigator Dr.R.Ramakrishnan
Co-Principal Investigator(s) Dr. Mohankumar, MPH scholar
Other Investigator(s) -
Collaboration / Participating Centers Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project (TNHSP), Government of Tamil Nadu
Funding Agency / Sponsor World Bank Through TNHSP
Budget Rs.2,40,000
Study Period 1 year
Objectives Evaluate the performance of care given in the CEmONC centres in Tamil Nadu.
Description Objectives Evaluate the performance of care given in the CEmONC centres in Tamil Nadu

Description Using WHO indicators, we analysed four years monthly performance reports of 80 CEmONC centres. We developed logic model and evaluated the process indicators(inputs, process, output and outcomes). For quality of care, we sampled 30 % of the centres, stratified by high and low performance of caesarean section and collected information using WHO quality assessment tool.
Quarterly Reports (5-10 lines) 90% of CEmONC centres were in place in 2009 with adequate geographical distribution. Of total births, 11.7% occurred in CEmONC centres in the year 2009–10. Proportion of caesarean sections increased from 2.79% in 2006–07 to 4.51% in 2009–10. Direct obstetric case fatality rate was 0.25% in 2006 – 07 and 0.15 in 2009 – 10.  The availability of specialists and staff nurse needed improvement. The quality of service was satisfactory in 90% of the centres.
Significant achievements The study led to two important new studies on the analysis of  caesarean sections and reasons for referrals from the CEmONC centres
Publications Reports submitted to TNHSP.