Dept. of Health Research Govt. of India
World Health Organization
Name of the Project Impact assessment of collective HIV prevention response in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra
Principal Investigator Martine Collumbien, LSH&TM
Co-Principal Investigator(s) -
Other Investigator(s) Dr. Tarun Bhatnagar, Dr. Vasna Joshua
Collaboration / Participating Centers VHS (Chennai), NARI (Pune), TISS (Mumbai), NIHFW (Delhi)
Funding Agency / Sponsor Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Budget -
Study Period 2010-2015
  • Assess the impact of HIV prevention interventions through developing robust methodologies for synthesizing epidemiological and population-based data and describing diverse epidemiological trends and patterns in Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra
  • Improve the capacity of India institutions to collate and comprehensively analyze routinely-collected HIV/AIDS data
Description Prior to 2003, India had patchy and inconsistent data on its HIV epidemic.  The quantum and quality of HIV data has grown since 2003 – 2004, aided by (1) rapid expansion of HIV prevention programming since 2004 under Avahan; (2) the roll out of the National AIDS Control Program III (NACP3) since 2007-8; and (3) expanded data collection activities under Avahan and expansion of the government’s HIV sentinel surveillance system.  This has resulted in better characterization of the HIV epidemic but uneven understanding of the collective impact of HIV prevention programs for high risk groups in southern India.  The goal of this grant is to assess the current epidemic transmission dynamics and collective impact of all HIV prevention programming in Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra.
Quarterly Reports (5-10 lines) -
Significant achievements Oral Presentation at 12th IUSTI World Congress at New Delhi, 2-5 Nov, 2011[The Impact of Community Mobilisation on Collective Identity and Agency among Female Sex Workers: a Propensity Score Analysis using Integrated Behavioral and Biological Assessment (IBBA-II) in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra]
Publications Guha M, Baschieri A, Bharat S, Bhatnagar T, Sane S, Godbole S, Saravanamurthy PS, Mainkar M, Williams J, Collumbien M. Risk reduction and perceived collective efficacy and community support among female sex workers in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, India: the importance of context. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2012 (in press)