Dept. of Health Research Govt. of India
World Health Organization
Name of the Project HIV Epidemiology Training Program (HETP) – Post-Graduate Diploma in HIV Epidemiology (PGDHE)
Principal Investigator Dr. Tarun Bhatnagar
Co-Principal Investigator(s) -
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Funding Agency / Sponsor Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society
Budget Rs. 15,035,000 per annum
Study Period One year diploma
Objectives To develop a self sustaining institutionalized capacity of public health workers in applied HIV epidemiology at field level and competent in addressing HIV public health needs and priorities efficiently and effectively. It is expected that in the long term PGDHE will lead to improved surveillance systems contributing to health system strengthening and increased improved human resource capacity at the national level.
Description The one-year postgraduate diploma program is affiliated to Sri Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Science and Technology (SCTIMST), Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The course, open for medical graduates only, is constituted of 30 credits involving classroom teaching at NIE and partner institutes and field projects for HIV situation analysis, secondary data analysis, and evaluation of HIV-related surveillance system and intervention program.
Quarterly Reports (5-10 lines) The first cohort of four scholars (from Tamil Nadu, Manipur and Mizoram) started the course in February 2012.  During the first contact session (February to March) they had sessions on Basics of Epidemiology, biostatistics, HIV epidemiology, pathogenesis, prevention and control, National and state AIDS Control Program, program evaluation and hands on exercise in Epi-info software. In Apr-May the scholars did secondary data analysis of one of the component of the AIDS control program in their respective states.
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