Dept. of Health Research Govt. of India
World Health Organization
Name of the Project Social acceptance of leprosy and leprosy patients
Principal Investigator Dr. Thilakavathi Subramanian
Co-Principal Investigator(s) Dr. P. Manickam, Dr. Sanjay Mehendale
Other Investigator(s)
Collaboration / Participating Centers Nil
Funding Agency / Sponsor NIE
Budget Intramural funds
Study Period Data collection: August 2011 to March 2012
To understand the social acceptance of the disease leprosy by the patients themselves and the community       
To know the acceptance of leprosy patients by the family members and the society
Description It was a qualitative study; In-depth interviews were conducted with 155 patients and FGDs with the community people to under stand their knowledge of the disease and social acceptance of the disease and the leprosy patients.
Quarterly Reports (5-10 lines) Analysis in progress
Significant achievements With the interim finding on qualitative study one paper submitted
Publications A paper on "Awareness, social acceptance and community views on leprosy and its relevance for leprosy control, Tamil Nadu” submitted to Indian Journal of leprosy in Dec 2011