Dept. of Health Research Govt. of India
World Health Organization
Name of the Project Developing Methodology and Initial Assessment for conducting Mapping and Size estimation of Transgender/ Hijra populations in India
Principal Investigator Dr. Thilakavathi Subramanian
Co-Principal Investigator(s) Dr. Venkatesan Chakrapani
Other Investigator(s) Nil
Collaboration / Participating Centers

National Institute of Epidemiology

(C-SHaRP) Centre for Sexuality and Health Research and Policy

Funding Agency / Sponsor UNDP
Budget Rs. 20,22,750
Study Period Dec 2011 – Feb 2012
Objectives *To develop evidence-informed methodology and tools for mapping and size estimation of Hijra and transgender populations in India at the national, state, district and sub-district level by conducting desk review of available methodology and tools and conducting mapping methodology workshop  and regional consultations with hijra and transgender communities.

*Workshop at NIE: Conducted on "Developing Mapping methodology and size estimation”, on 9th Jan 2012

Regional community consultations held on:

Kolkatta: 18th January 2012

Chennai:23rd January 2012

New Delhi: 30th January 2012

Quarterly Reports (5-10 lines) The above work has been completed and final draft report submitted to UNDP; waiting for their comments to print the report
Significant achievements UNDP and NACO are planning to give the actual work of mapping & size estimation of hijra & transgender population to NIE & CSHaRP
Publications Nil