Dept. of Health Research Govt. of India
World Health Organization
Name of the Project Cardiovascular risk factors in a rural population in Tamil Nadu– a longitudinal study
Principal Investigator Dr Prabhdeep Kaur
Co-Principal Investigator(s) Dr TV Rao (Retired)
Other Investigator(s) Ms R Sudha, Mr R Ezhil, Mr Ramachandran
Collaboration / Participating Centers Intramural
Funding Agency / Sponsor -
Budget Intramural
Study Period 2005 - ongoing
Objectives Estimate trends in the prevalence of various cardiovascular risk factors 
Determine cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality in a rural population in Tamil Nadu, India.
Description We conducted cross-sectional survey in eleven villages in Kancheepuram / Thiruvallur districts, Tamil Nadu in 2005-07. Study population included 10,500 subjects aged 25-64 years. Among them, 4927 (47%) were males. 
Quarterly Reports (5-10 lines) Among males, 1852 (37.6%) were current smokers and 3073 (62.4%) were current alcohol users. Among females, 840 (15.1%) were smokeless tobacco users. BMI≥23.0 kg/m2 was present for 1618 (32.8%) males and 2126 (38.2%) females. 867 (17.6%) males and 1323 (23.7%) females were centrally obese. Most commonly used edible oil was palm oil followed by sunflower oil and groundnut oil. Hypertension was present for 2247 (21.4%) subjects nearly equal among males and females. Among those with hypertension, 1682 (74.9%) were newly detected. We resurveyed five of the eleven villages included in the baseline survey in 2008-09. In five villages, total population to be surveyed was 6026. We were able to follow up 5650 (94%) that included 96 deaths. We collected data regarding cause of death using verbal autopsy instrument. One of the main reasons for loss of follow up was migration 229 (3.8%). Currently second resurvey is ongoing for collecting the information similar to mentioned earlier in the first resurvey. We have also introduced laboratory component in the study. We are collecting the blood samples for glucose, dyslipidemias and creatinine in the ongoing survey.
Significant achievements One of the few rural cohorts in India established to study the cardiovascular risk factors in context of epidemiological transition
Publications Kaur P, Rao SR, Radhakrishnan E, Rajasekar D, Gupte MD. Prevalence, awareness, treatment, control and risk factors for hypertension in a rural population in South India. International Journal of Public Health. 2012:1-8.

Kaur P, Rao S, Radhakrishnan E, Ramachandran R, Venkatachalam R, Gupte M. High prevalence of tobacco use, alcohol use and overweight in a rural population in Tamil Nadu, India. Journal of Postgraduate Medicine. 2011;57(1):9.