Dept. of Health Research Govt. of India
World Health Organization


The strategic goals to support the Vision and Mission of the organization are as follows:

·         Co-ordinate DHR/ ICMR multi-centric studies

·         Develop faculty capacity to assume national leadership position in niche areas

·         Develop institutional expertise in new areas

                o   Bioinformatics

o   Health economics

o   Health policy

·         Organize periodic theme-based scientific conferences/ meetings

·         Upgrade institutional facilities

o   Library: State of the art facility for scientists and dissemination of health information

o   Laboratory: Infrastructure to provide support to epidemiological studies and public health

o   Information Technology: Novel field based data collection and data management systems and health informatics

·         Promote PhD programmes 

·         Disseminate evidence in technical fora

o   Research publications

o   Policy briefs

o   e-bulletin /Newsletter/ journal

·         Provide opportunities for internship to external students in areas of available Institutional expertise

·         Offer consultancy in the areas of available expertise

·         Disseminate health information to public

o   Organize library services for children and youth

o   Conduct programmes on ‘Health days’ for public awareness and for health outreach 

o   Write columns in newspapers periodically            

o   Build public health museum

·         Develop collaborative projects in AYUSH